Webcasting Solutions

Next-generation HD VIDEO streaming over IP and mobile networks

Latest, advanced HD streaming technology.

Video streaming from high-definition video sources has reached a new level of quality and performance. Designed for professional broadcasting applications, powerful streaming technology simplifies the complex workflows often associated with the transformation and delivery of high-definition video over IP and mobile networks.

Functionality & Effectiveness.

Spacesmacks.com webcast station features an intuitive touch control interface with dedicated icons that streamline and simplify operation. The brilliant widescreen high-resolution front panel monitor displays your captured video, and multi-segment LED meters along with a headphone jack are provided for audio monitoring.

Our studio accepts standard or high-definition video through its SDI interface, and an SDI loop out is provided to facilitate workflow. A key feature of its video processing capability is that it can switch on-the-fly between standard or high-definition sources, without having to re-initialize the system. Audio inputs include analog stereo, 2 channels of AES/EBU audio, and up to eight stereo pairs of embedded SDI audio.

Wide spectrum of feature-rich streaming tools.

Our studios webcast station features simultaneous technology, which means, using a single video source, you can generate several video streams all at once, with each stream configured differently for laptops, cell phones, or mobile devices. And of course, you can stream simultaneously in all the popular formats, including Windows Media, Flash, H.264, 3GPP and more. Reaching the broadest audience with an optimum viewing experience is critically important to any streaming video application. This advanced technology lets you individually create, tailor and optimize video for several applications and audiences - all at the same time - live!

Competing solutions may let you deliver multiple streams in different encoded formats, but they force you to use the same frame size, frame rate, bitmap overlays (logos) and other critical parameters for each stream. This greatly limits flexibility when you need to deliver live video by using many different playback devices and to users with widely different levels of available bandwidth.

Our studios webcasting technology delivers full-frame video to high-speed Internet users; smaller, lower-rate video to DSL and dial-up subscribers, and optimized video for several different Mobile Device standards, all while saving the same content to a storage device for post-processing and other VOD applications.

Main Benefits:

  • Optimized streams for a diverse Internet and mobile audience in real-time
  • Independent pre-processing video for each stream
  • Enables multi-format, multi-bit rate, and multi-resolution streaming
  • Maximum efficiency without sacrificing quality
  • Complete utilization of latest multi-core processors
  • Maximum solution density for streaming production

For demanding broadcast applications, powerful video pre-processing features are a must, and that’s where we excel. Closed-caption extraction and rendering, de-interlacing, and inverse telecine are standard, as well as bit map overlay, scaling and cropping.

Expand your streaming options.

To sum it up… the webcast station of our studio is a powerful, feature-rich streaming appliance ideal for the Web-based delivery of high definition video. If you’re a broadcaster or have other professional video distribution needs, our studio has the ideal solution for expanding your audience in today’s digital media marketplace.Encoding Formats:

  • VC-1
  • Windows Media® (Silverlight™ compatible)
  • Adobe Flash ® Live
  • H.264 over RTMP and RTP
  • MPEG-4 Part 2
  • H.263
  • 3GPP/3GPP2 Container for MPEG-4
  • RealVideo ®
  • AVI capture to file

Video Inputs:

  • SDI (Standard Definition and High-Definition)

Audio Inputs:

  • Embedded SDI Audio (16 channels or 8 Stereo pair)
  • AES/EBU (4 channels or 2 Stereo pair)
  • Balanced stereo (XLR)
  • Unbalanced stereo (RCA)


  • USB (x3) - 2 rear panel, 1 front panel
  • Ethernet (x2) - 1 Gigabit


  • 8 processing cores (2 quad cores)
  • Memory: 4GB

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