Capture The Attention of Your Visitors and Increase Your Visiters By Using A Live Video Spokesperson

Reasons why you should have a Live Video Spokerson!

Video   Spokesperson Videos Customize Your Messages and Personalize it!

Select Your Live Spokesperson!

Increase Your Response by 35% or more.

First Impressions Last Forever!


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Virtual Spokesperson.

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Virtual Spokesperson.

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Space Smack Models capture your thoughts and services. Video spokesperson personalizes your visions and messsages directly to your Web site. Virtual spokesperson increases the effectiveness of your online presence. Space Smack will assist you through the process. We will also work with you to write out the messages at no cost ( FREE ) and assist the production. is open to working with our clients on new ways to implement new technologies to better market their businesses online and beyond.

Live Video Spokesperson

A Live Video Spokesperson brings your website to life in capturing attention. Space Smack Models - Greet visitors - bring attention to the right locations of your website - drive traffic - market your promotions or event. Put a live face on your web today because all it takes is 3 seconds to capture your audience before they move on!  With over 11 years of experince in marketing spacesmack knows it best.

Submitting Personal Information & Creating Leads

Giving out your personal information on the internet can be scary for some people so start building the relationship and establishing trust first. This is where we come in to ease that tension with a live video spokesperson that walks them through the process and increases submissions and create leads.

Live Video Email In Your Mailbox is bringing out all the stops by creating a live video email to reach your target audiences in a more unique way. The consumer receives a live video feed in their email rather than a text message or a basic email presenting your message. Weddings - Events - Promotions - Holiday Greetings or just a hello.

Live Video Invitation and Thank You Letters as a CD

Why send a card when you can send a video of yourself inviting your guests to attend at your event or to your corporate event. Then send a follow up video of a thank you for attending to your event.

As we all know it, it is time consuming to pick the right card, fonts,  greeting words,  printing company, the right envelope, stamp, and then finally run to the post office to mail it. Hmmm Extensive!

• Tradeshow • Corporate Event • Automotive Event • Convention • Hospitality Event • Special Event
• Runway Show • Bartending • Non-Profit Event • Movie Work • Product Launch • Consumer Goods
• Charity Event • Outdoor Festival • Catering • Financial Event • Promotional Event • Medical Tradeshow
• Bilingual Event • Nightclub Event • Hi Tech Event • Entertainment Event • Food Promotion • Music Video
• Beverage Promotion • Social Event • Themed Event • Food Serving • Product Demonstration
• Promotional Tour • Conference • Fund Raising Event • Alcohol Promotion • Volunteer Event
• Liquor Promotion • Grand Opening Event • Golf Tournament • Beverage Serving • Black Tie Event
• Community Event • Sporting Event • Musical Event • Television Work • Fashion Show • Travelling Tour
• Athletic Event • Photo Shoot

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