Trade Show Models

Dream Smack Model Management - is a person hired to drive demand for a product, service or brand by interacting directly with consumers. A promotional model can be male or female, and not only provides information, but makes it appealing enabling the consumer to identify with the product, service, or company. While the length of interaction with the consumer may be short, promotional models deliver a live experience.

The responsibilities of a Promotional Dream Smack Model Management vary depending on the project
but companies that hire Promotional Dream Smack Model Management often have at least one thing in
common; they are looking for a way to save money while still being able to quickly create an effective
presence at tradeshows and special events across the USA. By hiring local staff found using Promotional
Dream Smack Model Management they eliminate the need to bring in their own extra staff and therefore
eliminate expenses such as travel, accommodations, and meals from their budget and their bottom line.
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Full time model.

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Full time model.

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Full time model.

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Full time model.

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Full time model.

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Full time model.

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Full time model.

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Full time model.

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Full time model.

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Full time model.

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Full time model.

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Full time model.

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• Tradeshow • Corporate Event • Automotive Event • Convention • Hospitality Event • Special Event
• Runway Show • Bartending • Non-Profit Event • Movie Work • Product Launch • Consumer Goods
• Charity Event • Outdoor Festival • Catering • Financial Event • Promotional Event • Medical Tradeshow
• Bilingual Event • Nightclub Event • Hi Tech Event • Entertainment Event • Food Promotion • Music Video
• Beverage Promotion • Social Event • Themed Event • Food Serving • Product Demonstration
• Promotional Tour • Conference • Fund Raising Event • Alcohol Promotion • Volunteer Event
• Liquor Promotion • Grand Opening Event • Golf Tournament • Beverage Serving • Black Tie Event
• Community Event • Sporting Event • Musical Event • Television Work • Fashion Show • Travelling Tour
• Athletic Event • Photo Shoot

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