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What We Do As Photographers covers all types of events or occasions. From event photography, red carpet shoots, concerts, graduations, anniversaries, birthday photography, weddings, family portraits, baptism, sweet 16, baby showers, and headshots all of our photographers are professionals with at least 10 – 25 years of experience. Our photographers can make sure that not only will you have the moment captured, but it will be in the style that you prefer and the photos will be high quality.

Wedding Photography documents your perfect day from beginning to end. We will create a story in perfectly stunning pictures to ensure you remember every moment forever. We shoot weddings in a style that is intimate yet relaxed, fun yet very professional. Our clients truly enjoy the whole experience. We will work closely with you to ensure that you have a simply stunning collection of images. We understand how special this day is to you and we know how much care and attention you put into planning it. Most importantly we understand how essential it is for you to have fabulous images, capturing the whole essence of your day.

Most of our couples choose a mixture of black & white and color pictures. During your first meeting, we will discuss with you your needs and specific desires for your big day. The assigned photographer and video team will only be dealing with your needs, so you are assured of our individual attention.

Coverage usually begins with the bride getting ready, then to the ceremony venue, the reception and finally the speeches. Some couples also like coverage of the first dance, the party and even the fireworks! All of this can be discussed at your initial meeting.

All photos will be handed over to you after two weeks so you can show your family members your photos for that day before your album is ready. We will also upload your wedding photos to our site so all family members can login and browse through. Our photographers take an average of 1000 – 2000 photos of your special day. Once we have personally edited every photograph you can select your favorite photos to create your album. Each and every album is made to order in a range of styles and finishes. You will be shown a collection of album styles during the initial meeting.

In order to ensure you feel totally relaxed on the day we also have a pre-wedding shoot as a couples shoot. This allows you the opportunity to experience our photographer’s creative, contemporary photography and relaxed style for yourself. This way you will know that not only will your photographs be beautiful but also that you will always be at ease during your big day.

Event Photography event photography services include night clubs, bars, restaurants, festivals, burlesque and vaudeville shows, theatre, and any events that defy description. Our photographers take from 250 – 1000 photos depending on your needs and requirements. Our photographer’s roles are to obtain a number of images that are viewable, printable, and marketable.

We manage all types of venues that’s how we know what your needs are and our professional photographer’s can for fill every event need whether its private event, corporate event, or a business. These are the reasons why you need an experienced photographer at your next event that you hold. Because some venues are too dark, it is sometimes necessary to capture with flash. One of the benefits of photographing with a digital camera is that the ISO can be flipped quickly for capturing with and without flash. It is required to have all the tools and experience needed to complete the job you required properly.

Next time you want to hire a professional think of us, think of for all your professional needs.

Birthday Photography

As we get older, we tend to limit birthday celebrations to a dinner or a movie... But is here to give you the tools and advice you need to plan an unforgettable adult's birthday party celebration, no matter what the age of the birthday honoree. The phrase "birthday party" often brings about images of clowns, balloons, colorful presents and children. But it doesn't have to. There is no age limit on birthday parties and there is no reason as a grown-up you shouldn't have just as big of a celebration as a 5-year-old would! That’s why what you need to do is hire to bring the best theme to your party and hire our best photographers to capture the moments that will be memorable and exciting for ever. has a sensitivity and flair for interacting with people, capturing emotion, expressions and the true personality of each individual; you will have a great experience and we will create fabulous, distinctive images for you to treasure.

What's the theme?

One of the keys to a successful adult birthday party is a great theme. Get creative! Think about the person's interests, hobbies, favorite movies/celebrities, colors, flowers, etc. Will it be a classy sophisticated party? A goofy costume party? A beach party? Perhaps a decade themed party? Male or Female Dancers? There are a variety of possibilities. Once you've settled on the general idea behind the party, putting the rest of the pieces together will be easier because you'll have direction. Next you need to figure out the budget for your adult birthday party. If you are planning the party alone, but do not have a big enough personal budget; don't be afraid to ask friends and family if they would like to pitch in to help make the party more memorable. You'll find that many are willing to help, and if you can get enough contributors you can develop a decent budget for the adult birthday party.

Hire the perfect birthday party entertainment!

There are so many adult's birthday party entertainment ideas out there that this is where your theme will come in handy. There are so many options to fit whatever theme you want. A tribute band or celebrity impersonator would be a big hit with all the guests, including the guest of honor. You can find some to fit a variety of tastes from Frank Sinatra Impersonators to Beatles Tribute Bands to Elvis Impersonators. Along these lines, you can also consider hiring a Marilyn Monroe impersonator to sing her breathy rendition of Happy Birthday Mr. President to your male birthday honoree! If the birthday star has a favorite celebrity, you may be able to track down an impersonator for that celebrity, as a surprise from their favorite celebrity would make for a sure-fire unforgettable birthday!

If you want more variety in the musical entertainment, you could also go with a cover band, jazz band or party band. Another great option to consider would be a comedian or magician! Everyone loves to laugh and be amazed, so either of these choices would make the adult birthday party a hit! If you do not want entertainment to be the main focus, but would still like background music present you can go with something simple like a pianist, a classical ensemble or just an event DJ.

Eat, drink and decorate!

After theme and entertainment are figured out, next comes the necessities such as decorations, food and beverages. Party decor is particularly important if you have a very specific theme to portray. You want to do your best to create the correct atmosphere for your party theme, without making the decor the whole focus of the party. When it comes to the food and beverages, you can cook yourself (or rather cook for yourself!), or hire a caterer. Base the menu off the birthday person's favorite foods or snacks. Decide if you'd rather sit down to dinner, have a buffet or just provide wait staff to walk around with hors d'oeuvres and beverages. Since we're among adults and all, if you wish to provide alcoholic beverages for your birthday party guests, you may consider hiring a professional bartender. Or to spice things up a little, hire a flair bartender! Your guests can be entertained by juggling, flipping and magic tricks while also enjoying professionally mixed drinks!

What else is entailed in birthday party planning?

There are a few other important things to remember for adult birthday parties. While the party is really for just that one special person, you want all your invited guest to show up and to have a good time too. Draw them in with creative birthday party invitations. Make it so that they are so curious about the birthday party that there is no way they could miss out! Also, if you have some room left in the budget, it would be nice to provide party favors. Whether it be collectible glasses they can take home with them, a goody bag of candy or a party favor of some sort that matches the theme. Another important thing for you, your guests and particularly the birthday guy or girl is pictures! If you can afford it, you could hire a professional photographer to capture all the special moments at the birthday party. If you cannot afford a professional, make sure either you have a camera handy or designate a friend or family member to be in charge of photographs. If your event is as great as we know it is going to be, you'll definitely want to make sure everyone will remember it forever. Plus, you can always make a scrapbook of it later to give as a follow-up gift.

If all of this sounds like a lot to take on, hire event planners to organize and manage your event.

Bumps & Babies

Our pregnancy shoots are a perfect opportunity to create a beautiful record of an incredible and memorable time of your life. will put you at ease and use subtle lighting to create a relaxed mood for the shoot for age group of kids.

Capture the innocent joy of your growing baby with a 1st birthday invitation! Whether you are planning a small, intimate gathering of friends and family or an all - out birthday party, your baby's first birthday celebration is a joyous occasion! We also take great pride in our superior designers, after the photos are taken we are happy to accommodate any changes you would like made to your album design, no matter how big or small! With our photo editing and professional printing services, we offer an easy solution for our designers to accommodate all your needs including designing and printing invitation cards for all occasions.

Red Carpet Photography

What red carpet event would be complete without paparazzi? We are experienced event photographers who deliver stunning photographs with our state of the art high resolution digital equipment. is build and designed for this type of photography work so no job is too big or to small for us to manage or handle. You as a company should only think to hire the best. Once the work is completed you will receive exclusive copies of all photos on a CD in high resolution JPG format ready for printing, emailing and posting on social networking sites.

Complete your event and get the total celebrity experience with red carpet photography treatment!

Model Photography corporate photographers are the professionals that specialize in model portfolio development that bring feature style and look. If you're looking for a versatile model photographer who can help you get noticed then you have visited the right company that can get the job done for you or your company.

We can create eye-catching head shots, unique fashion photography, and we are dedicated to helping you to create your perfect portfolio with the perfect images. If you are an actor or model wanting to improve your portfolio, contact us.

Additional Services


In-studio or on-location portraits.

Commercial Photography

Includes commercial products like jewelry, food, cosmetics, automotive, etc.

Real Estate Photography

Includes photography for homes, commercial locations, land, etc. We also create virtual tours 360 degree angle.


Wedding and Event Videography, Corporate Video Production

Event Services

We offer Event planning, photography, catering, videographer, and other professional event services.

Please call or contact us today for a free consultation. Our staff will come to your door step to answer all your questions or one of our professionals will answer any questions you may have over the phone.

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