Photo Enhancement

We specialize in photo retouching and glamour enhancement of portraits (model, pageant, wedding and glamour photography) is very important. Our experts can improve skin texture, remove wrinkles and blemishes, enlarge eyelashes, emphasize your eyes, enhance and reshape lips, fix hair style, remove hair strings, whiten teeth, remove teeth gaps, etc. We can apply or remove make-up, change color tone of skin and eyes, smoothen skin texture. "Digital slimming" is one of the most challenging retouching operations and it is in very high demand among many customers: we remove double-chins, slim face and body. Regular (boring) photo will look chic and glamorous once we retouch it. If you want your portrait to reveal your beauty and conceal imperfections let us help.

Quality retouching jobs requires high resolution image. If you shoot pictures yourself, you must use the highest resolution settings of your camera. If you scan your print, please use 300 dpi resolution and color scanner setting. Professional and effective facelift and glamour enhancements assure your photo will grab attention and leave lasting impressions on any viewer.

Please call or contact us today for a free consultation. Our staff will come to your door step to answer all your questions or one of our professionals will answer any questions you may have over the phone.

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