HDTV Broad Casting Solutions


Live HDTV Broadcast Center and Studio B - GREEN SCREEN area (- newly built with Cyclorama, 30 feet high ceiling).

In addition to using latest editing and special effects technologies in Post-Production and Editing area, the studio capitalizes on the unique capability of its NEXT-GENERATION INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL SCENIC SETS inserting multiple, live HD or SD video streams, video clips, Motion & 3D graphics and other digital content into the scenery. This inserted content is mapped onto the objects in the scene by dragging and dropping the video onto the object. Using next-generation, virtual scenic sets and interaction technology platform (with main focus on Live HDTV Broadcasting, TV Shows/ Series, Talk Shows, celebrity entertainment, news, sports coverage, TV Commercials, Advertising, promos, Live Webcasting, corporate events, Product Placement) is our huge, virtual plasma screens, scenic design and special interactive effects are updated and inserted by the studio broadcasting & editing team into the Studio B – Green Screen area (with newly built Cyclorama, 30 feet high ceiling) and placed anywhere within the Studio B.

Up to 12 different full resolutions are Live SD video streams can be inserted into the studio or alternatively up to Live 6 in HD. In addition our technology can play and integrate into the Studio B multiple HD video clips/ footage supporting all commonly used file formats such as AVI, Quick Time, DV, DV25, and MPEG. Inserting these HD videos does not add additional delay to the system and a negligible two frames delay is the total delay of the system, with or without the incoming video feeds.

Studios Out-Door Productions

Our technology enables the studio complex & its affiliate Hollywood Icons Productions HD to position them as innovative and creative. Thanks to our accurate camera tracking and unique GPS based mapping technique; our technology superimposes Motion and 3D graphics, videos OUTSIDE of the studios complex. We are able to display Motion and 3D graphics on buildings, rivers or any other object in the environment. It is even possible to “dress up” and map Motion and 3D graphics, videos over any physical element.

Live HDTV Broadcast Studios center offers advertisement and sponsorships revenues. With the above next-generation technology commercials are inserted into the Studio B – Green Screen area and become an integral part of the production, thereby eliminating the possibility of being erased.

Virtual, interactive scenic set specifications of our studio

  • Seamless insertion of our edited Motion & 3D graphics, videos, animation and other digital content
  • The perfect illustration tool for live HDTV Broadcasting, TV Series/ Shows, Talk Shows, film trailers, news, sport coverage, celebrity entertainment, Live Webcasting, corporate events, Advertising, Product Placement, promos, TV Commercials produced
  • Supports multi camera productions
  • Outdoor productions
  • HD or SD switchable system
  • Our Studio Supports up to 6 full resolution HD inputs or up to 12 full resolution SD inputs
  • 2 separated output channels in SD mode
  • Dual power supply and laptop hard drives for maximum redundancy
  • Scalable system, which provides a basic configuration with easy upgrade path by adding more components
  • Last minute updates and modification
  • Supports multiple controller applications
  • Utilizes designer software for creating stunning 3D graphics with minimal efforts
  • Interfaces with a series of newsroom and automation systems for seamless integration within existing workflows
  • Multiple video insertions with DVE effects capabilities

New, sensorized crane options with advanced camera tracking system are also available at this HD Film Production & Live HDTV Broadcasting Studios complex esp. for TV network clients/ partners.

Geared to be one of the world’s leading digital production facilities, it is a complete High-Definition production and postproduction facility for Producers of Television, Film or Commercials, which is capable of sending live HDTV signals via fiber-optic networks anywhere in the world including digital cinemas. This center’s capability is perfect for teleconferencing, multi-camera productions or green screen composting. Complete with 2 sound stages, High-def cameras, computer controlled ETC Ion dimming system and lighting grid, control room and fiber-optic connection, green rooms, makeup rooms, voice-over booths, 10 feet wide elephant stage doors, and adjacent parking lot.

The new facility has the latest HDTV equipment. The Broadcast Center also features the Sony MVS 8000 Switcher with dual channel DVE and color correction and a digital audio console.

High Definition at its best!


Sports News, Entertainment, Live Broadcast and Talk Shows - strategically located near the MEADOWLANDS XANADU - "the largest Sports Entertainment complex in the U.S.")

Spacesmack.com broadcast division offers a range of broadcast services which includes:

  • Digital content distribution to domestic and international market through cable and satellite systems.
  • Co-production and rentals of the HDTV Broadcast Center for TV shows, sitcoms, sports news, interviews and entertainment coverage, talk shows, drama, live music performance events and more.

Please call or contact us today for a free door to door consultation. Our staff will come to your door step to answer all your questions or one of our professionals will answer any questions you may have over the phone.

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