Email Marketing Solutions

Step 1:

Don't have time or skill to design professional emails? Our design team creates custom emails based on your corporate style, optimized for maximum impact and email reader visibility. As a bonus, our cutting edge coding techniques ensure your emails are minimally affected by ISP and SPAM filtering.

Marketing - Reaching Out & Appealing To Your Audience

Whether you are new to email marketing and not sure how to get started, or you're currently broadcasting but find that your ROI is not what you expected or stagnating; we will analyze your business and objectives then recommend a suitable campaign strategy. In simple terms, we will help you determine email styles, email content and delivery cycles.

  1. Understanding that each client has different audiences or markets, we design specific emails and campaign such as Newsletters, Banner Advertising, Prospecting, Retention and more.
  2. When alternating multiple formats or email styles have shown to keep your audience interested in what you have to say. Also, one style may appeal to one person but not to another.
  3. Emails need to balance 'offensive' word content which triggers spam filters but are needed to 'Sell' or 'Attract' an audience.
  4. We will work with your In House designer or Ad Agency to incorporate your content design into our templates.

Information Technology - Designed For Delivery and New Innovations

Today's email marketers have to overcome many obstacles, including but not limited to delivering emails past spam filters, working around email readers/ISP default image blocking and creating/coding an email that works/displays correctly in all email readers. Our coders are proactive and creative...

  1. We design emails to have healthy balance of Text & Image content so it does not trigger spam filters.
  2. Our email template designs include HTML based 'elements' such as headers, footer, menus, borders and colored backgrounds designed to imitate your corporate brand. We easily recognize your audience, but more importantly show enough content when images are blocked. Furthermore, we include as much HTML Text content as possible.
  3. Currently, email readers do not adhere to any HTML standards for email marketing. Sadly, they all use varying subsets of codes. Resulting from extensive trial and testing, our email coding is optimized is to conform and display respectably in all email readers.
  4. Email code and image sizes are optimized to obtain the maximum quality while maintaining the smallest size necessary to allow for fast downloading and opening.

Art - Designed For Presenting Your Message

We've prepared the list, scheduled the campaign, and delivered to their inbox...but our work didn't stop there. In todays busy and complex world, coupled with a person's inbox cluttered with legitimate email and unfortunate spam, we only have a brief moment to grab a reader’s attention and compel them to read your message.

  1. Email readers have a Preview Pane and/or area which show only a limited top view of an email's content. We design emails to present an important portion of ad content and/or a detailed summary coupled with your branded header.
  2. The email's physical size is optimized to present as much content in the reader, open window and minimizing the need to scroll.
  3. Our designers have a broad range of styling skills to appeal to your audience or corporate style, whether it is conservative, high impact, playful and humorous. Plus we're not afraid to mix it up in order to keep your audience interested.

Step 2:

First list your preparation, upload your server, start scheduling and listing maintenances may seem like a lot of know-how and time needed but not with our fully automated systems. All you need to do is hand us your list in any format and tell us when you need it delivered and we do all the rest. For us it doesn't stop there, we continually monitor deliveries and make dynamic adjustments to ensure ISP conformity, thresholds, and many other things critical to the success of your email being delivered and opened.

List Management

Email list management can be a headache if you go it alone, but not with us. We make it easy for you to grow and manage your list - whether it's large, small or non-existent. You get a peace of mind, plus more time to focus on what's important to your business or organization.

Email List Building:

We have tools to build your email list. With a Join My List sign-up box for your website (a customizable sign-up form) and a Forward-to-a-Friend option you can grow your email list in no time with little effort.

Importing Email Lists:

Submit your client/subscriber list in any format. From a contact manager, word processor or spreadsheet file and we'll process it, convert it then load it and store it on our server.

Email List Maintenance:

We automatically handle all the list maintenance such as unsubscribe & bounces. Plus add any new subscribers from their various sources of list building techniques.

Inbox Deliveries

High inbox delivery rates and high open rates result from advanced design and coding techniques, strict standards compliance and reputation. Here's why we can consistently, and confidently delivery your emails to your audience's inboxes:

  1. Our email designs are not just appealing but structured to be visible in email client preview windows. Furthermore, they are Design Coded to show as much content as possible and recognizable under current email image blocking protocols.
  2. Email designs and coding are Campaign Previewed to verify 1) Preview visibility 2) Email Client Compatibility 3) Blocked Image visibility 4) Spam filter triggering and compliance 5) Link Integrity.
  3. It takes more than a pretty email to get delivered to the Inbox. Our systems must also be authorized to send email on your behalf. All of your emails are delivered using all of the available authentication standards, namely Sender ID, Domain Keys and SPF. This tells AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail and the rest of the Big Guys that we are legitimate and not sending unauthorized SPAM.
  4. We build and foster relationships with major Internet Service Providers, so if any issue does arise, we work with them to resolve the problem quickly.
  5. adheres to strict Anti-Spam policies and practices which enhances our reputation and ability to consistently deliver emails. Our commitment ultimately assists in transforming the industry to respectability and guaranteeing this media remains a viable solution to business needs.

Step 3:

Important to email marketing campaigns is the need to know how your email performs. We use powerful & friendly tracking and reporting tools before and after each delivery. Prior to delivery we run a thorough test to determine if or what part of the code or design needs adjustments to ensure it reads well and will comply with ISP's and Spam filters. After delivering it together, we review the various reports to see how the email actually performed in many categories. We can see how many were opened, bounced and by who unsubscribed or reported abuses, what links they used, and much more. All this information is vital to ensuring your audience receives and reads your email.

Campaign Preview

We test for delivery and rendering problems before we send your campaigns and then fix the problems that will hinder delivery and response before sending to your entire list. Now, you can see what your campaigns will look like across primary ISPs and mail readers, determine whether HTML will break or images won’t be displayed, and know whether campaigns will fail common filtering packages.


  1. Email Rendering - an at-a-glance preview of how your email will look across the major ISPs and email readers with either images 'on' or 'off'.
  2. Content Assessment - a comprehensive report showing HTML code errors, link integrity & reputation, spelling errors and spam words in both HTML & Text version emails.
  3. Spam Filter Check - displays an emails performance and whether a campaign will fail the most common spam filtering packages.

Campaign Reports - Post Delivery

Comprehensive statistics on all your email campaigns, displayed in friendly reports and available to you any time with your own login account...


  1. A Summary listing of all your email delivered campaigns vital statistics.
  2. Open Stats - see who, when & how many times they opened your email.
  3. Link Stats - Shows which links where clicked, how many times and by who.
    Results can be used to optimize your content in the next campaign.
  4. Bounce Stats -See who's email was not delivered and why.
  5. Unsubscribe Stats - See who and when they unsubscribed.
  6. Forwarding Stats - Records who forward the email and where when use with a "Send to Friend" link in your email.

Campaign Reports - Advanced

Like a credit score, our Sender Score is an indication of the health of our email program. Also, since receivers use our Sender Score in their determination of inbox placement, the better our Sender Score, the better your email deliverability.


  1. Mailbox Monitor - A Summary Report on all our email campaigns' performance.
  2. Delivery by ISP - Tracks email deliverability to all the major ISPs via a robust seed list and quickly alerts us when emails are being blocked or filtered. For each campaign sent, we receive an ISP delivery status report, confirming how much of your campaign arrived, when, and what folder it was placed in (i.e. inbox or bulk).
  3. Reputation Monitor - Helps us keep tabs on the people who are keeping tabs on us (A credit score for our email program). We know where we stand, how we’re being evaluated by email receivers, and what we need to change about our program to improve our delivery rates.

Please call or contact us today for a free door to door consultation. Our staff will come to your door step to answer all your questions or one of our professionals will answer any questions you may have over the phone.

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